The features of dedicated hosting and their advantages

Before deciding which hosting server is right for you, it is important to look further in to each type of hosting features and determine the effect of the hosting plan on your overall business. Today, we’ll be going over dedicated server hosting. For those that are familiar with server technology and administration, the advantages of dedicated server plan often outweigh[...]

Pitfalls of traffic shaping and unlimited bandwidth

The Pitfalls of traffic shaping and unlimited bandwidth People seem to be interested in are the pitfalls of Traffic Shaping and Unlimited Bandwidth. Truth be told, a lot of people would want to have these things because this would mean that they would be able to avail of a higher internet speed. Unfortunately it must be said that with great[...]


What To Look For In Your Hosted Exchange Provider

A hosted exchange provider is a company that creates an email box and avails space on a server where clients can host any data they want. The client is then able to access this data through different kinds of media from basically anywhere because it is stored on a server. Since this company literally manages all the data input on[...]


Virtuozzo virtualisation versus Xen versus VMWare

People in the IT business may understand the need for virtualisation programs, but for most of the other people in the world, it flies way above their heads like a foreign language. What exactly is virtualisation? Well, in a nutshell, it is the ability to run virtual computers from one physical device. What does that mean? Well, think about this:[...]


Premium Shared hosting Powered up with Parallels Plesk Panel 11

Premium Shared hosting Powered up with Parallels Plesk Panel 11 bytehouse is as an official Parallels launch partner for the release of the newest version of their award-winning web hosting control panel.  Parallels Plesk Panel 11 will be available on all of our premium shared hosting plans from June 26th, 2012. All part of our commitment to offering you, our[...]


5 reasons why to avoid free web hosting

5 reasons why to avoid free web hosting Free hosting is regarded as bad practice for a professional and legitimate business website. Learn why you should avoid free web hosting and how to a find a better alternative. A website is a great way to communicate your business to the world. People either have one or want one. Though to[...]

Why Plesk Control Panel Make Your Hosting Life Easy

Why Plesk Control Panel Make Your Hosting Life Easy Plesk is one of the leading control panels available in the world today. Although Plesk is not the most common control panel, it is the most comprehensive and advanced of the Control Panels out there.  It supports many features and offers its users great advantages including; A Stable Control Panel This[...]

VPS Hosting versus VPS Cloud Hosting

Outlines the primary differences between VPS hosting, and VPS Cloud hosting

Why VPS Hosting is a cost effective solution for Small and Medium Businesses

VPS hosting a cost effective solution for small and medium businesses

Plesk Vs cPanel: Who Rules the control Panel World?

Who Rules the Control Panel World; cPanel VS Plesk In the Control Panel Wars over which control panel is superior to the others there are two names that constantly banted around: cPanel and Plesk. These are the oldest and most popular control panels in the world today. They also happen to be the most talked about. So, before you jump[...]