Why Plesk Control Panel Make Your Hosting Life Easy

Why Plesk Control Panel Make Your Hosting Life Easy Plesk is one of the leading control panels available in the world today. Although Plesk is not the most common control panel, it is the most comprehensive and advanced of the Control Panels out there.  It supports many features and offers its users great advantages including; A Stable Control Panel This[...]

VPS Hosting versus VPS Cloud Hosting

Outlines the primary differences between VPS hosting, and VPS Cloud hosting

Why VPS Hosting is a cost effective solution for Small and Medium Businesses

VPS hosting a cost effective solution for small and medium businesses

Plesk Vs cPanel: Who Rules the control Panel World?

Who Rules the Control Panel World; cPanel VS Plesk In the Control Panel Wars over which control panel is superior to the others there are two names that constantly banted around: cPanel and Plesk. These are the oldest and most popular control panels in the world today. They also happen to be the most talked about. So, before you jump[...]

Top Tips for choosing your Virtual Private Server host

Top Tips for VPS Hosting When looking for a VPS Hosting provider there are a few things that we believe you should look for; Quality of hardware used Reliability and uptime Quality of bandwidth Service and support Availability of burstable ram Quality of Hardware used Multiple VPS platforms run on partitioned hardware nodes so the quality of the hardware it[...]

VPS Hosting and WordPress

"Once you are on the VPS platform you are able to scale up or down your platform to corespond with growth and any seasonal variations in your site traffic. Perfect for all those bloggers who are slowly growing their site"

I want my own Dedicated Server!

An oft heard statement in the world of hosting, so let’s look at it from a different prospective, when would you need it?  As Power costs continue to rise and data centre power consumption becomes more and more challenging more and more people are looking at virtualisation and virtual private servers as a solution.  Unfortunately a lingering scepticism still remains[...]

Google holds hosting conference

Google held its first Atmosphere conference this week at its Googleplex HQ. The event was billed as a chance for businesses and developers to meet and debate the future implications and potential power of the cloud. Talks were held by many featured guests, including author Geoffrey Moore and Morgan Stanley MD Mary Meeker. Scientist Janine Benyus was also on hand[...]

70% of firms planning on extending their cloud or virtual hosting presence

By Fred Jones IT decision makers are planning on extending their cloud or virualised presence, according to reports. Interestingly, the fears that many executives had over adopting cloud services for their online backup and hosting needs are beginning to wane, with 62% of respondents who did not already use SaaS (software as a service) or virtualised hosting solutions having considered[...]

Scalability of VPS platforms

Growing with VPS We find that VPS web hosting provides an ideal framework for the majority of growing client’s hosting needs and rapid scalability before switching over to a dedicated environment.  Of course there are occasional times when VPS hosting is not the ideal hosting environment but on the whole this is an ideal hosting platform for most clients. The[...]