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Cloud Hosting with Bytehouse

Cloud servers are mainly virtual servers that runs on a cloud computing environment. Cloud servers are also known as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). Cloud servers run on independent units compared to a virtual dedicated server which is a single hardware server that can suffer from a single point of failure in the case of any of its hardware failing. Therefore a cloud server does not depend on a centrally installed hardware and can run off all of the software it requires. The advantages of cloud hosting are as follows:

  • Instantly Available
  • Certified Cloud
  • UK Based Data Centre
  • Modification to Server Software
  • Stability and Security
  • Efficient and Easily Upgradable
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Dedicated Server Hosting with Bytehouse

We at ByteHouse offer a variety of UK based dedicated server hosting packages that are updated on a regular basis, as new technologies become available. If you are searching for a complex hosted infrastructure or simple dedicated servers, then ByteHouse is the choice for you. We offer managed dedicated server web hosting solutions that will fit into your business. All of our dedicated servers are customised to your specifications as we are aware that every customer uses their servers in a different way.

If you are searching for the best solution to achieve your business goals, then please contact us at 0844 833 0333.

  • UK Data Centres to Tier 4 Standard
  • BGP 4 routed multi honed data connectivity
  • True Gigabit Connectivity (no traffic shaping)
  • Multiple, aggregated Tier 1 transit providers
  • HP Enterprise level hardware
  • Enterprise Level Hardware Firewall Protection
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OpenCart Hosting with ByteHouse

Here at ByteHouse, we offer a wide variety of ecommerce hosting providers that will help your business grow. E-commerce hosting is a type of website hosting platform which provides various features and functionalities to run and manage commercial sites. The types of functions and features include SSL, database support, shopping cart software, payment processing services and other software and security services. When searching for the right platform the best way to begin is with us at ByteHouse, where we can assist you with every issue and provide you with the right solution. Contact our representatives and begin your journey to the online business world.



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Online Backup with Bytehouse

There are many things you can do when it comes to protecting your business and all of its data. The first step to doing this is creating a place where you can back up your data using one of our online backup servers that is located offsite. Instead of the old fashioned way of using floppy disks, hard drives and USB sticks, why not take advantage of our online storage facility where you are able to access your data from anywhere in the world and on any electronic device. At ByteHouse, we uphold the utmost value when it comes to your business and offer a safe place for all of your files and we are here to help you protect and secure your business in case of any emergency, such as a hard drive failure.

For further information, contact our representatives who are here to assist you with any questions and concerns you might have. They are here to help you transition your business to a safe place without you having to lift a finger. So call now and get started.

Offering UK Web Hosting to Our Clients Since 1999

Our award-winning Cloud, dedicated servers and online back up services are just some of our many customer-tailored hosting products that we have to offer. The security of your business is our top priority and we use the highest standard enterprise-level equipment for our infrastructure and client hardware. We also offer our years of network security expertise to be certain your hosting content is safe.

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UK Hosting and Support

All of our services at ByteHouse are hosted here in our UK secure data centres. All technical support staff have over 10 years’ experience working in the hosting industry and are UK based. Our UK based customer-service team are also on hand to offer unlimited telephone and remote support to help you every step of the way.

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Looking for Something Unique?

Are you looking for the right package that will suit your preferred requirements or would like to custom build Dedicated Web Servers to meet your exact specifications? Find out how by contacting us for more details.

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The Cloud VPS Hosting Service provided by ByteHouse has helped our business to develop high quality web sites utilising the latest web standards. We have smoothly moved up from VPS1 to VPS2 and now VPS3 as the business has expanded, without getting any bill shocks. When we have needed technical support on server configuration the team at ByteHouse have consistently delivered and are always helpful.
ByteHouse is a strategic business asset and offers a friendly and caring attitude that is often absent with other providers.

Thank you to the team.
Keep it up!

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James Slattery-Kavanagh

I've hosted with ByteHouse for over 5 years now. I host a large number of websites on their VPS servers. Over the years their service has consistently improved. The support I receive is second to none. My web hosting is mission critical to me and whenever there's a problem ByteHouse are there when you need them.

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Adam Jimenez
ShiftCreate Ltd

We have been using them for a number of years, and have been very happy.

There service has been getting better over the years and we find them pleasant and helpful when we need them.

We have a managed Linux VPS that is fast, reliable and we don't have to worry about. We have called them up to help us with the Linux side of things and answer some questions on the Plesk control panel.

They have even been able to address a few questions about the actual code.

Great team that cares.

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David Phillips
Miller Design

We were struggling with the hosting of our ecommerce site, it was slow, cumbersome and just not doing what we needed it to. We came across Bytehouse for their high end secure hosting; but rather than giving us the standard "You need a powerful dedicated machine" they looked into our problem and assesed it was a caching issue and optimized one of their Cloud VPS platforms for our ecommerce needs. Seemed to have seen the problem countless times before, and just addressed it.

Now we're running faster then we ever were before, and our clients are happy and sales off of our site is up.

All that in a cost effective and sensible solution that was cheaper and easier than anything we were advised elesewhere.

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Uber FZCO (AE)

In my experience, Bytehouse are all about customer service. Particularly, on the technical side. They will respond quickly and accurately to every question via their ticketing system, and provide excellent solutions to just about anything. In emergencies, they will happily assist by phone, in real time. I would not hesitate to recommend Bytehouse as a strong but flexible backbone for all your hosting facilities.

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Joka Design

We have been using Bytehouse for 2 years now, one of the main reasons for using Bytehouse was the customer service & support. We found with previous companies that support was not available at weekends or there were lengthy wait times over chat and with no resolve. From the very start the product, customer service and support has been excellent both by phone and email with quick response times. I can not rate these guys highly enough, very pleased and more than happy to recommend to others

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Mark Cole
MAC & Going Out UK


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