The Varying Ways of Caching with PHP

What is Caching and Why You Need it A cache is a temporary storage area used to rapidly access frequently accessed data. Caching minimizes the retrieval queries made to a database, reduces the number of requests made to external services, deducts from the time spent on computing data, and reduces the file-system access. In other […]

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Advantages to Using a CDN Network

What is a CDN Network and How Does it Work? A Content Delivery Network is a network of proxy servers that delivers content to end-users with high availability and performance. It provides an effective service in consistently speeding the delivery of websites’ traffic as it works by providing alternative server nodes for users to download resources […]

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Hosting: Why You May Require High Availability?

Server hosts offer a promise of high availability hosting in the sales agreement. This states that your website or hosted content will never be inaccessible and always online. For them to keep these promises it requires a special connection via a router, power, cooling and other special hardware. Therefore, it uses additional equipment to cover […]

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