Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Linux Web Hosting is an internet hosting that is UNIX based and open sourced and uses the most important feature of LAMP which stands for Linux, Apache, MariaDB/MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python. It is a combination of server technologies and software that make Linux Web hosting an optimal solution to website hosting with a limited budget. There […]

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SEO: The Importance in Small Businesses

In any business, especially small size enterprises, the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation should not be underestimated. In the day and age of online business, SEO can significantly improve your positioning on search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. By improving visibility on search engines like these, it can increase the amount of […]

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wordpress hosting

WordPress Hosting: How to Increase Speed

When creating a website, choosing the right hosting provider can make things tricky and that is why WordPress Hosting is your best bet, because the last thing you want is for your site to behave incorrectly. Operating on slow speeds with lagging and slow page loads is not going to keep your costumers satisfied and […]

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web host

Web Host Service: Vital Considerations You Need

With your business having amazing products, your sales and customer service staff are terrific, and you have a very powerful marketing tool that brings traffic to your website; having an unreliable web host to deliver the best online retail experience will leave your site and run to your competitors. This will cost your business to […]

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Backup Offsite for Mission Critical Data

It is a fact that every business or company that deals and owns its own data needs to have its own backup strategy which will be used in case of emergency as a preventive measure for data loss. Offsite Backup and storing of mission critical data is highly recommended as this data is something your […]

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Owncloud and the Benefits of Having Your Own

Being a business owner, you now have options available to you where you can securely store all of your applications, information and data. The question is which method will you choose? With storing your files on to cloud servers you can go two ways, either on a commercial one or build your own cloud server. […]

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WordPress: Integration into Plesk 12.5

When having multiple clients and sites, it takes a great deal of time and energy to manage them through various programs. Well what if there is a place where you could do everything you need without having to jump from program to program? Well now there is, with Plesk 12.5’s, WordPress integration. With its easy […]

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disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery and Online Storage

Owning a small business rather than a big one will certainly come with its fair share of challenges, one of them likely to be your budget. For that, Online Storage and Disaster Recovery services are more than an inviting solution, as it reduces the need for IT infrastructure and resources resulting in a notable cost […]

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Cpanel Hosting

CPanel Hosting: What Makes it Beneficial?

CPanel Hosting is a control panel used for web hosting. It is one of the most popular web based control panels used by most hosting companies. With its easy to use interface, it is a simple but helpful tool when managing websites. It gives you the ability to manage your email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL […]

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Plesk 12.5 Better Than its Predecessor?

With its predecessor Plesk 12 that gave us tool sets and features that everyone was looking for and setting the strong foundation for new Plesk 12.5 to rise. We will turn to see its new features, upgrades and much more it has to offer by giving you a clear view on the benefits of Plesk […]

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