Hosting: Why You May Require High Availability?

Server hosts offer a promise of high availability hosting in the sales agreement. This states that your website or hosted content will never be inaccessible and always online. For them to keep these promises it requires a special connection via a router, power, cooling and other special hardware. Therefore, it uses additional equipment to cover […]

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Plesk 12.5 vs cPanel 11.56: Which One is Better?

On average, most websites use a scoring system of hosting features for day to day operations from spam filtering to web analytics. Most control panels do deliver on most of these features, but do have their own unique differences within their usability, security, maintainability and much more.  Therefore, both Plesk 12.5 and cPanel 11.56 have […]

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Nginx vs. Apache: Which Server Suits Your Needs Best?

With Nginx and Apache being the two most commonly used web servers out there; having a better understanding of how they work and their differences will help make the right choice to suit your business needs. The fact that both Nginx and Apache are used for serving above 50% of the world’s internet traffic, tells […]

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php website

PHP Website: The Benefits of Hosting on Cloud Servers

When deciding to run your PHP stack, you should make the decision of choosing a server that generally is a little bit expensive but reliable and secure. Cloud servers in comparison to a shared server which is cheaper and more risky. It’s always important to do your research when choosing the right hosting provider to […]

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multiple domain hosting

Multiple Domain Hosting: Advantages for Your Business

Running multiple sites for you business will most likely make you think about using a Multiple Domain Hosting plan. Such a hosting plan can help your business attract more customers by forming a link farm, linking your websites together or on to your main site. Additionally, increased presence on the web will improve you search […]

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content managing system

Content Managing System: Making the Right Choice

Before the creation process of your website begins, the final step is choosing the right Content Managing System. The ones most used around the website developing communities are Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. They share a lot of similarities, but also some differences. Knowing these differences will help you make the right choice. Drupal Content Managing […]

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Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Linux Web Hosting is an internet hosting that is UNIX based and open sourced and uses the most important feature of LAMP which stands for Linux, Apache, MariaDB/MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python. It is a combination of server technologies and software that make Linux Web hosting an optimal solution to website hosting with a limited budget. There […]

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Plesk 12.5 Better Than its Predecessor?

With its predecessor Plesk 12 that gave us tool sets and features that everyone was looking for and setting the strong foundation for new Plesk 12.5 to rise. We will turn to see its new features, upgrades and much more it has to offer by giving you a clear view on the benefits of Plesk […]

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Opencart: 5 Tips to Boost Your Sales

The growth of e-commerce and online shopping has become unstoppable and with an increasingly crowded marketplace it can be hard to stand out. Here are some top tips for Opencart users to help get the most out of your features Adding a Product Review in OpenCart Reviews can increase your e-commerce conversions by up to […]

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Ecommerce Hosting Moves to the Cloud

More than half of US retailers are moving their ecommerce hosting to the cloud, as the trend to cloud hosting continues upwards. 55% of those questioned were planning on moving to the cloud to support their ecommerce hosting growth, with inventory management, marketing program management and CRM also seen as areas in which the move […]

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