Hosting: Why You May Require High Availability?

Server hosts offer a promise of high availability hosting in the sales agreement. This states that your website or hosted content will never be inaccessible and always online. For them to keep these promises it requires a special connection via a router, power, cooling and other special hardware. Therefore, it uses additional equipment to cover […]

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ownCloud 9

ownCloud 9: New Features and Upgrades

With ownCloud being one of the most used file share and sync solutions; the new ownCloud 9 brings new and improved features and upgrades to its users. Furthermore, if you are one of its many users, and you are thinking about upgrading to the new ownCloud 9; here are some things you can expect.  User […]

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WordPress: Operational and Stable Maintenance

If working with WordPress and your sites are WordPress based, there are ways of maintaining them and keeping them more stable and operational. Avoiding any problems that may occur due to slower speeds or your sites being down is something we will be focusing on. Here are a few steps you can take to stay […]

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NoSQL Databases

NoSQL Databases and Their Benefits

NoSQL Databases are proving to be a very useful tool for companies that are being overwhelmed with floods of data. Keep in mind that NoSQL is not a database product but simply a term which defines a database category, and it functions very differently from traditional SQL databases such as MySQL. If your business requires […]

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OpenCart 1.5.6.x or Which One is Better?

Using any type of program or operating system can always bring great results to your online business or even for just your personal use. They might be running smoothly already, or you could possibly be having issues and that is why there are constant upgrades to each and every program or system that exists today. […]

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web host

Web Host Service: Vital Considerations You Need

With your business having amazing products, your sales and customer service staff are terrific, and you have a very powerful marketing tool that brings traffic to your website; having an unreliable web host to deliver the best online retail experience will leave your site and run to your competitors. This will cost your business to […]

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Backup Offsite for Mission Critical Data

It is a fact that every business or company that deals and owns its own data needs to have its own backup strategy which will be used in case of emergency as a preventive measure for data loss. Offsite Backup and storing of mission critical data is highly recommended as this data is something your […]

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Owncloud and the Benefits of Having Your Own

Being a business owner, you now have options available to you where you can securely store all of your applications, information and data. The question is which method will you choose? With storing your files on to cloud servers you can go two ways, either on a commercial one or build your own cloud server. […]

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disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery and Online Storage

Owning a small business rather than a big one will certainly come with its fair share of challenges, one of them likely to be your budget. For that, Online Storage and Disaster Recovery services are more than an inviting solution, as it reduces the need for IT infrastructure and resources resulting in a notable cost […]

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Ecommerce moves European Christmas rush abroad

Ecommerce in Europe has led to around one in twenty Christmas gifts bought online in Europe this year coming from foreign local retailers with online stores, according to new research. A projected €2.8 million (£2.06 million) was expected to be spent at foreign online stores by European ecommerce Christmas hunters – up from €2.2 million […]

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