Plesk 12.5 vs cPanel 11.56: Which One is Better?

On average, most websites use a scoring system of hosting features for day to day operations from spam filtering to web analytics. Most control panels do deliver on most of these features, but do have their own unique differences within their usability, security, maintainability and much more.  Therefore, both Plesk 12.5 and cPanel 11.56 have […]

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WordPress: Integration into Plesk 12.5

When having multiple clients and sites, it takes a great deal of time and energy to manage them through various programs. Well what if there is a place where you could do everything you need without having to jump from program to program? Well now there is, with Plesk 12.5’s, WordPress integration. With its easy […]

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PHP 7 AKA PHPNG (PHP Next Generation)

PHP 7 – the biggest update in years   The arrival of the new PHPNG (PHP next generation) marks the biggest update for the software in years and for those more savvy marks a jump directly from PHP 5.6.15 to PHP 7 AKA PHP 007 license to thrill :).   While the massively improved performance […]

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Virtuozzo virtualisation versus Xen versus VMWare

People in the IT business may understand the need for virtualisation programs, but for most of the other people in the world, it flies way above their heads like a foreign language. What exactly is virtualisation? Well, in a nutshell, it is the ability to run virtual computers from one physical device. What does that […]

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Too Manage or not to Manage that is the question . . . .

What to look for in purchasing the best dedicated hosting plan? Managed hosting or Unmanaged hosting; what’s right for you? Ahh, the slings and arrows of a multitude of question. This is the second in a five part serious outlining how to purchase the best dedicated hosting plans for your needs. Managed Dedicated Hosting Under […]

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Who Rules the Control Panel World; cPanel VS Plesk

In the discussion over which control panel is superior to the other there are two names that come in mind, cPanel and Plesk. These are the oldest and most popular control panels in the world today. They also happen to be the most debated about. So, before you jump into any conclusions, here is a […]

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