server response time

Server Response Time: Tips on How to Improve Speed

Running a website with slow Server Response Time can hurt your business in more than one way. From impacting your SEO and causing your website to have low rankings, to losing your customers due to slower page uploads resulting in loss of revenue. Therefore, if you are experiencing some of these issues, here are a […]

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windows 10

Windows 10 vs. Windows 8: Which One is Better

Windows 8 is a pretty good operating system on its own, but with Windows 10 recently being released, it is always better to see what system would benefit your online company.  In comparison to Windows 8; Windows 10 has been an upgrade that everyone has been waiting for. To see why Windows 10 is better […]

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website migration

Website Migration: Issues You May Experience and Their Solutions

Expansion and growth of your website in time may require you to think about Website Migration. Moves like these often bare certain risks and issues, which may occur during such a process. To make Website Migration of your site successful, here are some issues you may experience and solutions to correct them. Page Rank and […]

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microsoft outlook

Microsoft Outlook: Five Best Alternatives

Are you on the lookout for the best Alternatives for Microsoft Outlook? If you are that mean you are ready to part ways with Outlook and try something different you can use while conducting your work either at home or at work. Here is the list of five best Alternatives for Microsoft Outlook that can […]

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VPS Hosting versus VPS Cloud Hosting

Outlines the primary differences between VPS hosting, and VPS Cloud hosting

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Why VPS Hosting is a cost effective solution for Small and Medium Businesses

VPS hosting a cost effective solution for small and medium businesses

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Scalability of VPS platforms

Growing with VPS We find that VPS web hosting provides an ideal framework for the majority of growing client’s hosting needs and rapid scalability before switching over to a dedicated environment.  Of course there are occasional times when VPS hosting is not the ideal hosting environment but on the whole this is an ideal hosting […]

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Common VPS web hosting FAQs

Bandwidth The amount of data that can be transferred to and from your hosting space, the higher the number of visitors you expect to receive to your site, the higher the amount of bandwidth you will use. There are multiple ways in which bandwidth is calculated by your hosting provider. Burstable memory The amount of […]

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Disadvantages of VPS hosting

“So, as you can see a VPS solution is not for every site owner. They are a step up in price and benefits from a shared platform, although to be honest the difference in price between a good shared hosting plan and a good VPS is inconsequential, but still have drawbacks if you are used to the luxury of your own dedicated machine…”

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Virtual Private Servers

“Virtual Private Servers, or VPS cover most of the functional equivalent of a dedicated server. A VPS, occasionally referred to as a Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS empower you for non I/O heavy applications with the flexibility and benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price.”

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